Parents Zone

Photography Policy

We will not publish photographs of your child/children in any form without your prior, written consent.

This form is valid for five years from the date you sign it, or for the period of time your child attends this school. The consent will automatically expire after this time. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time within this period.

We will not re-use any photographs or recordings after your child leaves this school.

We will not use the personal details or full names (which means first name and surname) of any child or adult in a photographic image, on video, on our website, in our school prospectus or in any of our other printed publications.

We will not include personal e-mail or postal addresses, or telephone or fax numbers on video, on our website, in our school prospectus or in other printed publications.

If we use photographs of individual pupils, we will not use the names of those children in the accompanying text or photo caption.

If we name a pupil in the text, we will not use a photograph of that child to accompany the article.

We may include pictures of pupils and teachers that have been drawn by the pupils.

We may use group or class photographs or footage with very general labels, such as ‘a science lesson’ or ‘making Christmas decorations’.

We will only use images of pupils who are suitable dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.