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Out of Hours Service

The club has been set up to provide good quality childcare for the children of Lockwood Primary School. Parents often tell us of the difficulties they face in going back to work or being able to pursue the careers they want as there is no one to look after the children.

Will my child have to go every morning or after school?

No, you may dip in and out as necessary. Some parents will want a regular place for their child; others will want to book in certain time slots. Some will want to ring up and book on the day for emergency cover. We hope to accommodate all of these variables, but remember that your child will feel most secure when they know what is happening to them after school.

What are the club hours?

The breakfast club will take place from 8.00 – 8.45 a.m.

The after school club will take place from 3.00 – 6.00 p.m.

You may book your child a place for any combination of hours.

What will my child be doing in the club?

The main focus will be on play activities.

At the breakfast club your child will eat a healthy, nourishing breakfast (cereal, toast, fruit juice, tea or hot chocolate etc.) and be able to play a variety of table top games.

At the after school club, your child will be encouraged to help prepare a nourishing snack (a range of sandwiches and hot snacks, depending on taste). They will have a wide range of activities to choose from, including construction toys, jigsaws, outdoor and indoor games, art and craft, TV, game boys, books and homework corner – in fact something to suit every age and taste.

How much will it cost?

We have priced the club very favourably compared to private childcare providers.

Breakfast and childcare £1.75 per session

After school club charged by the hour (including snack)

£4.00 for the first hour £6.00 for two hours £8.00 for three hours
First child pays full amount Second child 75% Third child 50%

Please note you may be entitled to tax credits towards the cost of your childcare. Telephone number 0845 300 3900

If you are interested in using our ‘Out of Hours Club’ please contact the school for further details and application forms.